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21 Hours




SPSS is software for editing and analyzing data.


     Course Outline

  • Getting started with SPSS
  • Obtaining, Editing, and saving Statstical output
  • Manipulating Data
  • Descriptive Statistics Procedures
  • Evaluating Score Distribution Assumptions
  • t Tests
  • Univariate Group Differences: Anova and Ancova
  • Multivariate Group Dfferences: Manova
  • Nonparametric procedures for ananlysing frequesncy data
  • Correlations
  • Regression with Quantitative Variables
  • Regression with Categorical Variables
  • Principal Components Analysys and Factor Analysis

     Feedback (45)

I genuinely enjoyed the trainer's helping.

Urszula Kuza

The training was adaptable and personalized to our needs.

Dominique Soulie

I liked the exercises as it's the only way to learn, by repetition.

David Rushe

I like the exercises done.

Nour Assaf

The hands-on exercise and the trainer capacity to explain complex topics in simple terms.

youssef chamoun

The information given was interesting and the best part was towards the end when we were provided with Data from Durex and worked on Data we are familiar with and perform operations to get results.

Jessica Chaar

I mostly liked the trainer giving real live Examples.

Simon Hahn

I genuinely enjoyed the big competences of Trainer.

Grzegorz Gorski

I genuinely enjoyed the many hands-on sessions.

Jacek Pieczątka

I genuinely was benefit from the flexibility of the trainer.

Irina Ostapenko

A lot of knowledge - theoretical and practical.

Anna Alechno

I genuinely liked his knowledge and practical examples.

Irina Tulgara

Overview and understanding how big the topic is.

British American Shared Services Europe BAT GBS Finance, WER/Centre/EEMEA

I enjoyed the 2nd day we did lots of examples of gauge R&R.

Vascutek Ltd

I genuinely liked the exercises - use of Minicab.

Vascutek Ltd

Good overview of R and good range of topics. Trainer was happy to answer all questions.

Symphony EYC

I really enjoyed the knowledge of the trainer.

Stephanie Seiermann

It was very hands-on, we spent half the time actually doing things in Clouded/Hardtop, running different commands, checking the system, and so on. The extra materials (books, websites, etc. .) were really appreciated, we will have to continue to learn. The installations were quite fun, and very handy, the cluster setup from scratch was really good.


The training felt very personal and customised to what I wanted out of it. It was so non judgemental that I felt comfortable in asking whatever questions I needed to, and the trainer was able to competently answer all my questions. It was a very good overview of useful statistical techniques and there was a good balance between statistical theory and how to use minitab.

- Cambridge Consultants

Lot of hands-on exercises.

- Ericsson

Ambari management tool. Ability to discuss practical Hadoop experiences from other business case than telecom.

- Ericsson

I generally liked the trainer Knowledge.

- SAP Business Objects

I mostly was benefit from learning about Gantt charts.

Sarah Drummond - Siemens Gamesa c/o Hemsley Fraser

the matter was well presented and in an orderly manner.

Marylin Houle - Ivanhoe Cambridge

The fact that we had the time to cover some useful extras.

Alina Vishniakova - TUI Business Services GmbH

He really explained everything well and used examples.

- royal bank of Canada

The trainer listened to the needs of his audience as best as possible and we were able to train relevant to our needs, Costas prepared material specifically around questions asked on the basic training for the advanced training, a lot of effort and work had been put in and it was appreciated.

Chloe Horton - Siemens Gamesa c/o Hemsley Fraser

I enjoyed the self-learning through exercises and the tips and shortcuts shared.

- Competition Bureau

I really enjoyed the all the best.

Halil polat - Amazon Development Center Poland Sp. z o.o.

The trainer concentrated on the key topics.

- Amazon Development Center Poland Sp. z o.o.

Expertise and huge knowledge of the trainer.

- Amazon Development Center Poland Sp. z o.o.

I was benefit from the guidance and sharing life examples + answering all questions.

Marta Melloch - Amazon Development Center Poland Sp. z o.o.

The trainer, the food, and the space were all great.

- Canada Revenue Agency

I like actually writing code with sample data and annotating the script for future reference.

- Canada Revenue Agency

The pre-made scripts used for training material was very useful. The interactive training allowed for a clear understanding of each topic.

- Canada Revenue Agency

that i was getting my all answers and knowledge i want.

Ismail Ahli - Dubai Civil Aviation Authority

Modeling and how to fit the data to model


The remote classroom setting worked very well

- Trimac Management Services LP

Good detail on what R is used for and how to start using it right away

Hoss Shenassa - Trimac Management Services LP

The many practical examples / assignments that we went through were great. For me, I learn better by seeing examples and applying them elsewhere. The use of real data and applying what was taught against it was extremely valuable. Michaels PowerPoint presentations and his ability to work through each solution was invaluable.

- Trimac Management Services LP

The fact he had dif excel and data sheets with exercises for us to do.

Deepakie Singh Sodhi - Queens College, CUNY

Steve was willing to answer every questions and worked diligently to address any individual concerns or technical issues as they arose in the class. He also did a great job of presenting the technical details in a way that made it less intimidating to even the least tech savvy people in the room. Personally, learning about some useful shortcuts in Excel that I didn't know about will certainly improve my overall workflow when using Excel in the future! I am so appreciative of those little details that I was exposed to during the two-day training.

Alan Gonzalez - Queens College, CUNY

The reminder of the world of statistics :)

Export Credit insurance corporation

1. Clear theoretical explanation of concepts and alternatives to problem solving. 2. Practical examples where concepts are, and can be applied. 3. I learnt skills that I can use in my job, which will make some of my work easier 4. It will definitely bring some innovation into some of the reports I prepare for different Committees.

Sindiso Ndlovu - Export Credit insurance corporation

I liked the practicality and the live coding - necessary to learn properly The course met my expectations with respect to covering the basics well.

Genuity Science

The course could be tailored to suit your needs and objectives. It can also be delivered on your premises if preferred.



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