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A number of programming languages are available today to compile code to .NET and ASP.NET frameworks. The environment provides powerful means for security development, but developers should know how to apply the architecture- and coding-level programming techniques in order to implement the desired security functionality and avoid vulnerabilities or limit their exploitation.

The aim of this course is to teach developers through numerous hands-on exercises how to prevent untrusted code from performing privileged actions, protect resources through strong authentication and authorization, provide remote procedure calls, handle sessions, introduce different implementations for certain functionality, and many more. A special section is devoted to configuration and hardening of the .NET and ASP.NET environment for security.

A brief introduction to the foundations of cryptography provides a common practical baseline for understanding the purpose and the operation of various algorithms, based on which the course presents the cryptographic features that can be used in .NET. This is followed by the introduction of some recent crypto vulnerabilities both related to certain crypto algorithms and cryptographic protocols, as well as side-channel attacks.

Introduction of different vulnerabilities starts with presenting some typical programming problems committed when using .NET, including bug categories of input validation, error handling or race conditions. A special focus is given to XML security, while the topic of ASP.NET-specific vulnerabilities tackles some special issues and attack methods: like attacking the ViewState, or the string termination attacks.

Participants attending this course will

  • Understand basic concepts of security, IT security and secure coding
  • Learn to use various security features of the .NET development environment
  • Have a practical understanding of cryptography
  • Understand some recent attacks against cryptosystems
  • Get information about some recent vulnerabilities in .NET and ASP.NET
  • Learn about typical coding mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Get practical knowledge in using security testing tools
  • Get sources and further readings on secure coding practices




     Course Outline

  • IT security and secure coding
  • .NET security architecture and services
  • Practical cryptography
  • ASP.NET security architecture
  • Cryptographic vulnerabilities
  • RSA timing attack
  • Features and vulnerabilities
  • Denial of service
  • ASP.NETconfiguration and hardening
  • XML security
  • Common coding errors and vulnerabilities
  • Principles of security and secure coding
  • Knowledge sources

     Feedback (28)

I really liked the Crypto part

Carlos Ibarra

I liked the trainer was passionate about the subject and very convincing too.

Diana Vladulescu

I mostly was benefit from the hands-on examples.

Trading Point of Financial Instruments (XM

The subject of the course was very interesting and gave us many ideas.

Anastasios Manios

I generally enjoyed the interaction.

Andreas Hadjidemetris

Most of the known subjects related with secure coding covered and explained well Nice presentations Easy to watch, not boring.

Trading Point of Financial Instruments (XM

The way and its approach on each different section.

Trading Point of Financial Instruments (XM

The trainer has very good communication skills and can easily get & hold audience's attention. He can explain the matter in a very easy and detailed way so that each person can understand it.

Trading Point of Financial Instruments (XM

All topics were well covered and presented with a lot of examples. Ahmed was very efficient and managed to keep us focused and attracted at all times.

Kostas Bastas

Everything! I didn't have any experience with Secure Coding and the whole training was interesting and helpful.

Trading Point of Financial Instruments (XM

I genuinely enjoyed the real life examples.

Marios Prokopiou

I loved the delivery from the trainer's side. Very enthusiastic and made the training really pleasant and interesting. Also, very clear about the content he was delivering.

Trading Point of Financial Instruments (XM

I genuinely liked the real world scenarios.

Michail Alvanos

I genuinely liked the organization.

Panagiotis Foutros

Very good knowledge and character.

Constantinos Michael

I was benefit from the exercises (SQL injection, XSS, CRSF. .).

David Lemoine - Statistical Solutions

I liked the blend of theory/fundamentals/principles and activity/interactive-web-apps. Excellent mix.

Statistical Solutions

Good pacing, by switching between lectures and activities the trainer was able to hold my attention, good variety of topics covered, trainer was very knowledgeable and able to adapt the subject matter to what was required.

Statistical Solutions

Trainers command in his field

Adnan ul Husnain Hashmi - TDM GROUP

The hands-on labs were excellent.

Dr. Farhan Hassan Khan - TDM GROUP

The practical exercises

- Corvil

The hands-on approach to explain the concepts.

- Corvil

Exercise and be able to experiment.

- Corvil

The OWASP overview, especially slides with the specific examples of attacks. OWASP Zap tool.

- Corvil

I saw some security risk being easier to use than I expected It helped us to find some security holes in our Product

- Corvil

It's good to start with the cause and anderstand why we need to secure our application.

Mikron SA Boudry

The explanations of how the most common attacks happen against web applications.

Jacob Fisher - Mikron SA Boudry

Beginning by how to hack to better understand how to secure was very interesting and appreciated.

Raphaël Capocasale - Mikron SA Boudry

The course could be tailored to suit your needs and objectives. It can also be delivered on your premises if preferred.



Online Price per participant 6000 AED


Classroom Price per participant 6000 AED





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