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A number of programming languages are available today to compile code to .NET and ASP.NET frameworks. The environment provides powerful means for security development, but developers should know how to apply the architecture- and coding-level programming techniques in order to implement the desired security functionality and avoid vulnerabilities or limit their exploitation.

The aim of this course is to teach developers through numerous hands-on exercises how to prevent untrusted code from performing privileged actions, protect resources through strong authentication and authorization, provide remote procedure calls, handle sessions, introduce different implementations for certain functionality, and many more.

Introduction of different vulnerabilities starts with presenting some typical programming problems committed when using .NET, while the discussion of vulnerabilities of the ASP.NET also deals with various environment settings and their effects. Finally, the topic of ASP.NET-specific vulnerabilities not only deals with some general web application security challenges, but also with special issues and attack methods like attacking the ViewState, or the string termination attacks.

Participants attending this course will

  • Understand basic concepts of security, IT security and secure coding
  • Learn Web vulnerabilities beyond OWASP Top Ten and know how to avoid them
  • Learn to use various security features of the .NET development environment
  • Get practical knowledge in using security testing tools
  • Learn about typical coding mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Get information about some recent vulnerabilities in .NET and ASP.NET
  • Get sources and further readings on secure coding practices




     Course Outline

  • IT security and secure coding
  • Web application security
  • .NET security architecture and services
  • Common coding errors and vulnerabilities
  • Knowledge sources

     Feedback (3)

I was benefit from the exercises (SQL injection, XSS, CRSF. .).

David Lemoine - Statistical Solutions

I liked the blend of theory/fundamentals/principles and activity/interactive-web-apps. Excellent mix.

Statistical Solutions

Good pacing, by switching between lectures and activities the trainer was able to hold my attention, good variety of topics covered, trainer was very knowledgeable and able to adapt the subject matter to what was required.

Statistical Solutions

The course could be tailored to suit your needs and objectives. It can also be delivered on your premises if preferred.



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