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14 Hours


  • An understanding of big data concepts
  • Experience with Spark and Hadoop
  • Experience with the command line


Apache Zeppelin is a web-based notebook for capturing, exploring, visualizing and sharing Hadoop and Spark based data.

This instructor-led, live training introduces the concepts behind interactive data analytics and walks participants through the deployment and usage of Zeppelin in a single-user or multi-user environment.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Install and configure Zeppelin
  • Develop, organize, execute and share data in a browser-based interface
  • Visualize results without referring to the command line or cluster details
  • Execute and collaborate on long workflows
  • Work with any of a number of plug-in language/data-processing-backends, such as Scala (with Apache Spark), Python (with Apache Spark), Spark SQL, JDBC, Markdown and Shell.
  • Integrate Zeppelin with Spark, Flink and Map Reduce
  • Secure multi-user instances of Zeppelin with Apache Shiro


  • Data engineers
  • Data analysts
  • Data scientists
  • Software developers

Format of the course

  • Part lecture, part discussion, exercises and heavy hands-on practice

     Course Outline


Installing and Configuring Zeppelin

Overview of Zeppelin Features and Architecture

Navigating the Browser Interface

Understanding the Data Analysis Workflow

Organizing Data for Analysis

Visualizing Data

Sharing Data and Collaborating with Other Analysists

Working with Plug-ins

Backend Data Processing

Working with Scala and Apache Spark

Working with Python and Apache Spark

Working with Spark SQL

Working with JDBC

Using Markdown and Shell

Integrating Zeppelin with Spark, Flink and Map Reduce

Setting up and Securing Multi-user Instances


Summary and Conclusion


     Feedback (50)

I thought that the information was interesting.

Allison May

I really appreciated that Jeff utilized data and examples that were applicable to education data. He made it interesting and interactive.

Carol Wells Bazzichi

Learning about all the chart types and what they are used for. Learning the value of cluttering. Learning about the methods to show time data.

Susan Williams

Trainer was enthusiastic.

Diane Lucas

I really liked the content / Instructor.

Craig Roberson

I am a hands-on learner and this was something that he did a lot of.

Lisa Comfort

I liked the examples.

Peter Coleman

I liked the examples.

Peter Coleman

I enjoyed the good real world examples, reviews of existing reports.

Ronald Parrish

I genuinely was benefit from working with DAX and reporting.

Marine Benefits, Inc.

The last part which is security.

Marine Benefits, Inc.

I really liked the dax.

Chris Amaza - Marine Benefits, Inc.

I really enjoyed the training exercise.

Edward Dan Dree Manalad - Marine Benefits, Inc.

The tool is very interesting.

- Pernod Ricard Hong Kong Limited

Very practical, using our internal data to practice.

- Pernod Ricard Hong Kong Limited

Clear and organized on the training topics. Good for people with who have never used PowerBI to be able create sensible dashboards and reports.

- Pernod Ricard Hong Kong Limited

I was benefit from the detailed notes to keep and work through after the course.

- Public Health Wales NHS Trust

The pace was just right and the relaxed atmosphere made candidates feel at ease to ask questions.

Rhian Hughes - Public Health Wales NHS Trust

I was benefit from the good examples and opportunity to follow along.

- Environmental and Climate Change Canada

I genuinely enjoyed the hands passed exercises.

Yunfa Zhu - Environmental and Climate Change Canada

Good examples / demonstrations

- Ofqual

Training adjust the training according to our needs and knowledge. He understood participants experience with Power BI.

Cristian Tudor - Gilbarco ACIS SRL

The trainer was very concern about individual understanding.

Muhammad Surajo Sanusi - Birmingham City University

Excellent presentation and it gives me confidence to build on knowledge gained.

- Birmingham City University

Background knowledge and 'provenance' of trainer.

Francis McGonigal - Birmingham City University


Hafiz Rana - Birmingham City University

Good explanations on how we do things

- Birmingham City University

Good pace and knowledge demostrated by trainer. Exercises and examples were relevant for our line of work.

Tania Crespo - Grafton Merchanting GB

The DAX logic, very useful to know more about it

Illya Teideman - Grafton Merchanting GB

The exercises were great, really engaging and very hands on which allowed more of the information to be absorbed

Rajiv Pattar - Grafton Merchanting GB

I feel more confident with coding now. I've never done it before but now I understand that it's not rocket science and I can do it when necessary.

Anna Yartseva - Birmingham City University

was really helpful and was willing to listen and provide what was needed. Provided card for questions to help once we use with our own data

shazad Yasin - Grafton Merchanting GB Ltd

Costas covered all of the key areas of Power BI. He was very willing to spend additional time focusing on areas that were key to our business.

Dominic Harte - Grafton Merchanting GB Ltd

As I was the only delegate on my course, the trainer was able to pace accordingly which meant we could cover more ground on each day.


The visualisation power BI is able to create with such ease!

Tom Darley - Grafton Merchanting GB Ltd

The trainer was very good. He presented the material in a really accessible way.


covered basics as well as more advanced features. Finished a bit ahead of scheduled which allowed some time for real world questions from participants

Philip Morris Products SA OC Division

Relevant info and tips

Bandeira Adrien - Philip Morris Products SA OC Division

The exercises made sense and they were well prepared

Philip Morris Products SA OC Division

Learning basic DAX and dash boarding.

Rhodes Food Group Pty Ltd

The second day was very interesting. It was a good training to see some possibilities within Power BI; but mostly you learn then while you work with Power BI. Fact is also that the training base has all access rights and everything works, but as soon as you try to connect to the live system, it does not work and this makes the knowledge transfer a bit difficult.

Marco Iuliano

some of the best practices on charts


What I enjoyed most in this training was the number of exercises that helped us a lot to understand the topic. Also, Karthik is very helpful and approachable. He answered all of our questions without any doubts.

Mary Louise Lizano - DHL Summit Solutions Inc.

exploring the different charts in the visualizations

Luvilyn Panol - DHL Summit Solutions Inc.

His patience in teaching us one by one fast but understandable. His patience in teaching again the topics that we did not understand.

DHL Summit Solutions Inc.

Being able to follow the trainer and replicate the steps his was performing in the virtual desktop tool Trainer was very friendly and took the time to answer our specific questions over the 3 days

sean reyford - PepsiCo International

Instructors were very friendly and helpful. They made personal connections which made them more engaging.

Bryn Parsons - Environment and Climate Change Canada

I liked the mix between theory and hands-on work, the small class size, and how knowledgeable and fun the instructors were. Both instructors were always smiling and very personable. Even though each training session was long, the time (for me at least) often passed quickly because I found the material quite engaging.

Environment and Climate Change Canada


Thomas Dandres - Environment and Climate Change Canada

Being able to follow along with hands-on examples

Robin White - Environment and Climate Change Canada

The course could be tailored to suit your needs and objectives. It can also be delivered on your premises if preferred.



Online Price per participant 6000 AED


Classroom Price per participant 6000 AED





  Workday courses take place between 9:30 and 16:30


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