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21 Hours





Staff who need to be fully prepared to deliver high-quality training sessions

Format of the course

A combination of:

  • Facilitated Discussions
  • Delegate Presentations – with full feedback

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Prepare and structure an effective training session
  • Prepare themselves properly for that training session
  • Deliver that training session with confidence
  • Use the various visual aids that a trainer might choose to employ in creating a stimulating session
  • Deal with the different types of people who they will encounter in their training courses

     Course Outline

Training Skills

  • Delivery of a pre-prepared training session on the delegate’s chosen subject related to their work.

N.B. The duration of each delegate training session will depend on the length of the course and on the number of participants. Eight is the ideal number of participants

  • Full one-to-one and group feedback

Preparing a Training Session

  • Questions tor the trainer to ask in advance
    • Why me?
    • Logistics of what, where, when, how – and how long?
    • Understanding how the answers to these questions affect the structure of the training session
  • Structuring the content:
    • Research – know the subject
    • Putting the content in order
    • Creation and use of complimentary visual aids

Preparing the Trainer

  • A trainer’s three fundamental communications tools:
    • Verbal – the words being used and avoiding slang and jargon
    • Vocal – the sound of the words avoiding any distracting verbal tics and punctuations
    • Visual – the look of the presenter: dress; mannerisms; presence
  • Rehearsing the training session – and getting honest feedback from a trustworthy source
  • Coping with nerves

Preparing the environment

  • Room layouts – and how they communicate underlying messages to those attending the course
  • Using the room to enhance the training experience
  • …and tidying up after the course


  • The importance of evaluation
  • The processes for obtaining and utilising delegate evaluation

Training Skills – revisited

  • Delivery of another training session (after suitable preparation time).

N.B. This could be the same presentation as in Module 1 but revised following the detailed feedback

  • Full one-to-one and group feedback

Training Skills – revisited

  • If time permits: delivery of another training session (after suitable preparation time)
  • Full one-to-one and group feedback

     Feedback (3)

It was challenging to have the course online but it worked quite good. Though it was not possible to train the in person training/presentations. Alistar was very adaptable and gave us great challanges, good tips and tricks.



Schaeffler Global Services Europe

Confidence of trainer.

Schaeffler Global Services Europe

The course could be tailored to suit your needs and objectives. It can also be delivered on your premises if preferred.



Online Price per participant 6000 AED


Classroom Price per participant 6000 AED





  Workday courses take place between 9:30 and 16:30


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