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21 Hours


Understanding of systems engineering process.



This is a 3-day training covering principles of modeling, UML, SysML and use of MagicDraw or Cameo following a case study, which demonstrates a typical model-based systems engineering approach.

The course:

  • Includes lectures and hands-on practice in using MagicDraw or Cameo for systems modeling using SysML;
  • Explains major SysML concepts and diagrams;
  • Provides hands-on experience building system model examples;
  • Shows how to trace model elements in different views;
  • Explains how to use MagicDraw features efficiently;
  • Is based on a consistent modeling case study.


  • System architects, system engineers, software architects and other stakeholders who will create and use models.


  • Presentations, discussions, and case study-based practical assignments.

Course Materials:

  • Slides, case study model, and practical assignment descriptions.


  • Each participant receives NobleProg certificate indicating that he/she attended the training.

     Course Outline


  • Trainer and Participant Introductions
  • Introduction to modeling
  • Introduction to SysML
  • Introduction to MagicDraw/Cameo
  • A Case Study Definition

Structural System Decomposition

  • Package Diagram Notation
  • Decomposing System into Packages
  • Modeling Package Dependencies
  • Practical Assignment: Modeling Package Structure

Analyzing User Needs

  • Use Case Diagram Notation
  • Identifying Actors
  • Identifying Use Cases
  • Use Case Relationships
  • Practical Assignment: Modeling Use Cases

Defining System Requirements

  • From Use Cases to System Requirements
  • Requirements Diagram Notation
  • Specifying Requirements
  • Defining Requirements Structure
  • Verifying Requirements with Test Cases
  • Requirements Relationships
  • Practical Assignment: Modeling Requirements

Defining Structural Blocks (Black Box View)

  • Block Definition Diagram Notation
  • Structural Blocks
  • Modeling Block Properties
  • Defining Relationships between Blocks
  • Defining System Data Dictionary
  • Practical Assignment: Modeling Black Box View of a System

Modeling Block Structure (White Box View)

  • Internal Block Diagram
  • Visualizing Block Parts
  • Linking Parts with Connectors
  • Defining Ports
  • Defining Item Flows and Interface Blocks
  • Practical Assignment: Modeling White Box View of a System

Modeling System Constraints

  • Defining Constraint Blocks
  • Binding Constraint Properties with Value Properties
  • Executing Parametrics
  • Practical Assignment: Modeling Parametrics

Designing State-Based System Behavior

  • State Machine Diagram Notation
  • Identifying States
  • Defining State Transition Events
  • Specifying Signals
  • Specifying Effects
  • Executing State Machines
  • Practical Assignment: Modeling Statemachines

Designing Control and Data Flows

  • Activity Diagram
  • Defining Activities
  • Specifying Parameters
  • Defining Actions
  • Modeling Control Flows
  • Modeling Data Flows
  • Executing Activities
  • Practical Assignment: Modeling Activities

Designing Communications

  • Sequence Diagram Notation
  • Modeling Lifelines
  • Modeling Messages
  • Decomposing Interactions Using References
  • Applying Interaction Fragments
  • Defining Timing Constraints
  • Practical Assignment: Modeling Interactions

Modeling Cross-Cutting Constructs

  • Logical and Physical Architectures
  • Allocation relationship
  • Allocations Display Options
  • Identifying Types of Allocations
  • Allocation Matrix
  • Practical Assignment: Building Allocation Matrix

Wrap up

  • Summarizing Training
  • Discussing Remaining Questions

     Feedback (50)

Instructor was very engaged and helpful.

Tom Davis

I liked the mix of modeling anecdotes, lessons learned and real world experiences.

Grant Nelson

Very interactive, very good training pace, informative and helpful for applying to real world projects.

Daniel Miranda

The structure of lecture, in structure led demonstration and then group work was good a reinforcing topic.

Clayton Langley

Flip was friendly, interesting, and engaging and he worked hard to maintain a good connection with the audience. He has an excellent knowledge of MagicDraw and SysML and communicated his knowledge clearly and effectively.

The Australian National University

Flip was a knowledgeable and affable trainer.

Nick Herrald

I enjoyed the fact that I was following the course on my own computerand exercises.

The Australian National University

I genuinely was benefit from the clear explanations, good examples.

Lockheed Martin Australia

I genuinely enjoyed the informative.

Lockheed Martin Australia

Excellent trainer, practical knowledge being passed on, easy to understand, links to application of the skills in real scenarios.

Arvi Simeon - Lockheed Martin Australia

I enjoyed actually working with the tool. Understanding different techniques.

Paul Hurni - Lockheed Martin Australia

Flip was very engaging and easy to interact with. Made everyone feel comfortable during exercises. Provided great individual focus.

John Towers - Lockheed Martin Australia

The subject was well taught and there was a good coverage of topics. Examples were clear and effective to read from.

Lockheed Martin Australia

Delivery of training was interactive and interesting to follow.

Suraj Jacob - Lockheed Martin Australia

I enjoyed seeing the examples used in magic draw. It helped show the very high level concepts presented in the lectures into more accessible and understandable examples.

Lockheed Martin Australia

Trainer was friendly and knowledgeable about the subject. Kept the course interesting and light heated.

Lockheed Martin Australia

I enjoyed how we split into groups to do activities and shared with the class. This helped understand the different ways SysML can be utilized, and getting immediate feedback from Flip.

Denni Mackrill - Lockheed Martin Australia

Flip was great, very approachable and knowledgeable on SGML and associated tools. Highly recommended.

mark sosnowski - Lockheed Martin Australia

Instructor was very good and knowledagble. Made the course fun.

Thomas Schneider - Lockheed Martin Australia

Well, paced. Clear examples. Logical sequence of ideas.

- Lockheed Martin Australia

I liked this training covered lots of gaps between theory and practice of SysML.

- Lockheed Martin Australia

I was benefit from the thorough and good background knowledge and lots fo shortcuts and tips and tricks.

- Lockheed Martin Australia

I was benefit from the able to use the tool alongside the instructor.

- Lockheed Martin Australia

It was friendly and very related to what I need.

- Lockheed Martin Australia

Combining SysML with the use of MagicDraw, Filip was great as well and kept us engaged.

Hung Dang - Lockheed Martin Australia

Presenter was knowledgeable about the subject and course was relatively informal.

Ben McDonald - Lockheed Martin Australia

I generally was benefit from the lots of info, engaging instructor.

Igor Dzeba - Lockheed Martin Australia

I genuinely enjoyed the worked examples.


I generally was benefit from the easy style of delivery.


Being able to follow the trainer with the smaller exercises.


The pace was fast, but good.


I genuinely liked the bdds and IBDs.

Jay Rai - LMCO

I generally liked the general coverage.


I really was benefit from the examples and exercises.


Being focused on SysML rather than the tool itself.


I liked pushing the participant to do exercise and enagagement of participants.

Srikanth Ramanuja - LMCO

I liked the lots of hands-on excercises however fast pace meant i was left behind at times.


I generally was benefit from the examples and exercises.

- Saab Australia

I genuinely liked the depth of knowledge of trainer.

Todd Morrison - Saab Australia

Well paced, material developed logically and there was ample time to practice each step with tool. Examples were easy to understand and provided good insight into both SysML and MagicDraw.

David Green - Saab Australia

Extensive, attitude of trainer was good.

- Saab Australia

I genuinely was benefit from the good jokes.

- Saab Australia

Well paced subject matter presented in an understandable manner - much improved understanding of Magic Draw.

- Saab Australia

Concentrated on the language and not the tool.

- Saab Australia

I genuinely enjoyed the exercises.

- Saab Australia

I enjoyed the breadth of coverage, excellent knowledge of SysML.

- Saab Australia

Hands on use of Magic Draw. Clearly stating the diagrams and how they all relate to each other. Understanding where the OMG has made decisions that may be hard to follow.

Mark Williamson - Saab Australia

Covered what we needed.

- Naval Undersea Warfare Center

I mostly was benefit from the everything.

De Zhi (Derrick) Huang - Naval Undersea Warfare Center

I really liked the everything.

Lynee Murray - Naval Undersea Warfare Center

The course could be tailored to suit your needs and objectives. It can also be delivered on your premises if preferred.



Online Price per participant 6000 AED


Classroom Price per participant 6000 AED





  Workday courses take place between 9:30 and 16:30


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